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Organisational Resilience

​​​​What is Organisational Resilience?

Organisational Resilience refers to a business's ability to adapt and evolve as the global market is evolving, to respond to short term shocks - be they natural disasters or significant changes in market dynamics - and to shape itself to respond to long term challenges.

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Why organisational resilience matters


  • The viability and sustainability of organisations continues to be tested in a world that is constantly changing
  • Many organisations are realising that traditional corporate strategies are not protecting them from unexpected events
  • Organisations need to be able to absorb an event that necessitates change, to adapt and continue to maintain their competitive edge and profitability


Resilience stories #4 - The Freight Company

"The response required to clear, firm decision making"

On a Friday afternoon in late 1988, the first of a series of computer screens linked to a freight company's national network displayed a warning that the computer had potentially been infected with a virus...

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Courses, events and resources

Decision m​aking during a crisis - a practical guide

A Practical guide to help your organisation make decisions during a crisis

Research Priorities

A number of research priorities for government and the private sector to consider

Organisational resilience good business guide

A practical guide to help your organisation survive, adapt and prosper in times of uncertainty and adversity.



Organisations will tend to approach adverse events and situations in a particular way

Here is a range of such approaches:


bounce forward 

An organisation accepts that adversity may cause it to cease operating.


bounce forward 

An organisation's resilience objective is to exist in a reduced form after adversity.​

Bounce back

bounce forward 

An organisation's resilience objective is to regain pre-adversity position quickly and effectively.​​

Bounce forward

bounce forward 

An organisation's resilience objective is to improve aspects of the organisation's functioning so t​hat in adversity it not only survives but possibly gains from the situation.​​

The HealthCheck will ask you to rate your organisation according to a set of low and high level descriptors for 13 resilience indicators. These indicators are grouped under three overarching resilience attributes that build business-as-usual effectiveness as well as robust and agile response and recovery capability.